Fixed Income Investors

Funding Overview

Our primary funding sources include cash from operations, deposits (direct and brokered), securitized financings, public unsecured debt and other capital instruments.

Securitized Debt Reporting

We periodically securitize credit card receivables arising from our five sales platforms. We issue this debt through public programs, as well as private placements. You will find reports, documentation, and performance information related to our two public securitization programs.

Synchrony Card Issuance Trust (SYNIT)

View and download the prospectuses, monthly reports and other documents and information related to the SYNIT platform.

View SYNIT Documents

Unsecured Debt and Capital Instruments Offering Documents

View and download unsecured debt and capital instruments offering documents.

View Unsecured Debt and Capital Instruments Offering Documents

Credit Rating Summary

View our credit ratings with various agencies.

View Credit Rating Summary